A Barfy New Adventure!

Ahoy there, and welcome to the Barfbarians Dev Blog!

If you’re wondering what Barfbarians is, it’s the first new game from Team Bobo, the three guys who brought you Abobo’s Big Adventure. Since releasing ABA in 2012, the three of us have been working on a variety of independent projects, but we really wanted to get started on a new game together, and that’s where Barfbarians comes in.

Barfbarians will be a local multiplayer beat-em-up game paying homage to the arcade action classics of yesteryear, while breathing new life into the genre… and then puking all over it. The story of the Barfbarians is simple: the Barfbarians are mighty warriors who come from fine barbarian lineage with one caveat – they don’t have the stomach for violence. Fortunately for them, their stomach acids are absolutely deadly, so over time they’ve mastered their pukey powers as a means of defending themselves when confronted by enemies.

While Barfbarians is still early in development, we’re already extremely excited about it, because we honestly believe it has the potential to be the best game we’ve ever made. We’re having a blast spitballing ideas for the characters and all the crazy adventures they’re going to embark on.

And speaking of characters, allow me to introduce you to our first character, Hurlo!

Hurlo the Barfbarian, demonstrating his pukey powers!
Nope… antacids definitely won’t work on these guys

Hurlo is the leader of the Barfbarians, and when his father’s kingdom is robbed of its most valuable ancient artifact, all hell breaks loose in their world. What was once a peaceful land for the Barfbarians now become an anachronistic nightmare none of them could have ever envisioned. Hurlo and a small group of his most trusted fellow Barfbarians must now set out to recover the artifact, defeat the ultimate evil, and restore order to the land before all hope is lost.

While this is an early example of Hurlo in action, it should give you a nice demonstration of the kind of pukey power our beloved Barfbarians have at their disposal. Each Barfbarian will have their own unique abilities, and their deadly dyspepsia will only grow more powerful when they visit sickly street vendors selling the worst foods you could ever imagine. We’re talking foods that no mere mortal would dare to eat. You know, like rancid yak meat. YUM!

Just like the Barfbarians, we have a long journey ahead of us with the development of this game, but we’re excited to bring it to life. It’s going to be a wild ride, and we hope you’ll enjoy keeping up with it as we continue to update this dev blog with our progress. We plan on having our first playable demo at the I-Mockery booth 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, so if you plan on attending, be sure to stop by to check it out. Afterwards, we’ll be working on a Kickstarter campaign so we can bring the complete, insane world of Barfbarians to life.

Until then, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Barfbarians and join our mailing list to receive notices about future updates, along with the possibility of becoming one of our beta testers.

Alrighty, that’s all for now. Thanks for checking out our upcoming game. On behalf of myself and my Barfbarian brethren, we’re looking forward to showering you with a whole lot o’ love… and vomit.

Okay, mostly vomit.